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Eagle Wall of Fame – Marc S. 2019

My name is Marc S and recently I achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout with Troop 180. I would like to tell you all a little about my path to Eagle and about the infamous service project that all Eagle Scouts must do. I have been a scout for over 5 years now and can confidently say the scouts was the start of my successful high school career. The skills I learned early on as a scout have helped me throughout the years in forming me into the young man I am.

When It came to my Eagle project, I felt the need to do something special. I had seen plenty of Eagle Scout projects before, but I wanted mine to be unique. For many weeks I considered countless ideas until finally I formulated a fantastic idea. My project would involve placing flag holders on the graves of fallen veterans. Not only would this project idea be unique and special, it would honor our nation’s fallen heroes. I completed this idea at Woodlawn Cemetery, a small cemetery in Lakewood, New Jersey. For 3 months I worked on everything from constructing the flag holder out of PVC, to painting them with our nations colors, to finally placing them in the ground next to veterans in the cemetery. With thorough planning and attention to detail. The project ran smooth and I succeeded in achieving all my goals.

I encountered very little issues with my project, but if I were to give advice to a scout facing issues, it would be to stay motivated. No one can be an Eagle Scout for you, you must have the inner drive to want the rank that so few ever achieve. It may seem like you can’t continue but with a little hard work and dedication, anything, and I mean anything can be accomplished and/or completed. I wish everyone luck in their road to Eagle Scout. Stay motivated, and above all enjoy.

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